Long time no see!!!

Hi everyone it’s been a long time no see.. 

Big daddy has spent the summer fighting lymphoma cancer.  He has it whipped we thing going in for his last treatment tomorrow..  Been a ruff summer for shore with that, my uncle Herman passing away..  had a Sawmill fire had a slow beef up for the winter, still don’t have enough inventory but we’ll be ok unless the winter is a bad one...  went to a short corse for lumber grading a couple weeks back and got a good crash course on grading...  Starting to help out in the mill some and the guys are welcoming me with open arms so far...   I intend not to let them down they need my help..  Got two of the bigger guns in the mill both with tore up shoulders from grading lumber at our speeds..  Gonna start innovating some in the lumber room got some great ideas to make life better down there..  Rain coming tonight and tomorrow could be an 1” so gonna spend some time at the mill next day or two...  the ultimizer needs some overhead work done to it and some tweaking...  rip saw doing good after the photocell repair on it last week..  did Bunyan a couple weeks ago just been jam packed!!!


Oh and last but not least there was a request for a Logger Wade vidja for the industry to use as a mechanical Logging presentation...  

I posted it on my channel  it’s called “Mechanized Logging” have a good one peeps thanks for checking in  


Whole bunch at Paul Bunyan show  

Whole bunch at Paul Bunyan show  


Met Lori Goodson from Swamp loggers  



even got to speak on live radio  

Selfie with Cotontop3  

Selfie with Cotontop3  


Hey looks good behind big daddies dozer  

Things are rolling better

Been a ruff few months but things starting to smooth out a tad..   

big daddy been sick with Lymphoma for a while now,  he's about half way done and getting a lot better..  Been organizing the daily operations, with the help of the good men around here we getting the job done...  Gonna wrap up the job we on and bring equipment in for service before heading to the next one...   

stevey stuck..   

stevey stuck..   

Had a little issue with the Din din as well  


Whitey out in the woods  



Big wood  




Steveyy busting timber  


Sassaphras, real Mccoy says it's bad luck  


Lots of breakdowns!!!

IWe've been having lots of breakdowns and tire issues and Peewee went to the hospital for two days...   Started on an aggravating job with little gullies and deep sand erosion and places with skattered junk in them...  peewee had to go to the hospital because of some chest pain and they kept him for a couple days so Steveyy been on buncher and he's doing ok!!!!  Sycamore fuzz is clogging up people and heat exchangers...  what a battle that little stuff can be...  nasty!!!  Gonna start raining this weekend and the big champion tater/billows saw off is prolly gonna go down Monday live via youtubes!!!  Come one come all and be ready for a little shenanigans!!!!  Later peeps!!!

Hills ain't that bad just a little aggravating roping. And skidding out everything...  

Hills ain't that bad just a little aggravating roping. And skidding out everything...  

Son of a buck get stopped up tighter than a toads butt!!! Then on comes the heat  

Son of a buck get stopped up tighter than a toads butt!!! Then on comes the heat  

This is what the aggravating sycamore fuzz looks like  

This is what the aggravating sycamore fuzz looks like  


Tranny project for blackey  

Pallet stock deck project  

Pallet stock deck project  

Our new job!!

Started our new job this week, moved to Ky and started on a neat land owner on a nice horse farm...  Gravy logging with some big boys mixed in Looks like this week gonna be a wet one for shore so prolly be doing catch up work 


This was a farm truck that was on the job  


Been a crazy week!!

This week has been something!!!  Figured out dad has cancer, it's not supposed to be a bad one it's lymphoma.  Had to work without mom and dad for  most of the week.  Smashed my saw, blowed a big din din hose, bent a buncher panel...  everyone did a good job though covering for them!!!  

Blowed the big hose on din din  


Junkyard's skidder rolled over 10,000 hours this week  


Used a humbolt notch in a few trees around a fence  


Daddy boy came out to hang with me on Sunday  


Getting some big wood outa here  


What a horrible week!!!

It's been a horrible week had equipment break downs from one end of the company to the other!!!    First the air compressor in the pallet stock room caught fire and toasted it..  Buncher getting new rear seal...  Din din had a computer glitch.  Din din also had the saw motor break..  Diffy lock leaks stopped up radiators, bent metal on planters, dead batteries on grinder..  there's more but I'm slipping 


Fire Baby crying  


Hog repair


Cool shot of the big grapple  


Rotobec under the knife  

Saw motor

Saw motor

Hopefully next week goes Better  

Hard push the past two weeks!!!

Been a hard past couple weeks!!  Skidding out of a deep dark muddy hole up to the yard but the worst should be Nijinsky us now..  lots of oak!!!  


Steveyy cut a big ash tree... (dying Breed) 

Steveyy's lunch bucket  

Steveyy's lunch bucket  


Haha logger wade special treats from the DOT meeting!!!  Lol oh man  

Rain Rain Rain!!!!

he word of the week was rain!!

e had the absolute Weekend from hell last weekend broke almost every piece of equipment we have trying to cold weather log..  Still got over 36 loads out and ended with chainsaws and cable skidders...  lol what an experience!!!

his week has been mostly shop work, changed the motor out on the Gang rip worked on the little grapple and started on the Cut up rack for the Din Din... 

Christmas Week vacation!!!

Christmas week was laid back!!

This week was laid back, started out working on Whitey..  Got the Fab work done and started on the Din din Guards.. With a little help from Stevey got it done and started on the the frame work for the hog magnet down in the pallet stock room.  Nic Tore into the buncher motor switch out project, he appears to be doing a bang up job..  Derrick worked on a little of everything..  He's was like a magician nocking out stuff right and left!!!  Tomorrow the timber tracker guys coming to shoot a vidja ought to be fun!!  Happy New Year everyone!!!


Click on the picture to go through them

Final push to Christmas!!!

This Week was our final push to clean the woods out before the nasty Christmas weather came in.. 
Shop day spent working on whitey
Tuesday started out rough, was still rain and snow mix when we started, made for a nasty day.  To wet to cross the valley and had to do some shovel logging to get the wood up the hills.. Truck road was a mess had to push trucks out..
The temp dropped the night before and the ground had a little crust on it and w busted the whole job open..  The main push was on!!! day started out productive but by the end of the day I couldn't see out of one eye..  The Pink eye flat put a whoopin on me, at least PeeWee got the wood all threw on the ground...
Friday was potent, got all the wood topped and shoveled by 2:00 and finished the day out on bucket throwing the sides in for big daddy..  It was a late night but with Werner trucks helping Friday we could win the battle..
Spent the day trucking, it was ass holes and elbows...
Werners hauled 5 loads of there stuff..  We hauled 12 loads of logs..  Got two machines and the boom moved to the mill and Junkie's skidder setting on the trailer behind the Kwapper for Monday.. 
What a week!!!  thanks god for frozen ground and it started raining on our way in Friday night!!!

What a week!!!

Boy what a week this has been.. 

This week was a crazy one we started out with two rain out days. Welded on Eli's forks Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday me and momma spent most of the day changing over the stuff outa the Sara's truck into Whitey.  Peewee and the guys cut and stockpiled timber to get the pipeline loaded.  Thursday we started topping bucking and hauling.   The hill coming outa the job is bad news, we'll be lucky to make it without busting an axle.. I'll try to get a vid of the trip out sometime this week.  Friday Peewee finished the cutting on this setting, Saturday the rest of us came in and finished all the skidding and bucking..  Got over 16 loads stacked around the boom, Hoping to get everything hauled out Monday from that yard but prolly not gonna make it before the Monday night rain...  

Hoping the new hats and sweatshirts is done before this week is over... Mommy dropped of the pink shirts yesterday to the printers they gonna turn out awesome!!! 

Everyone have a good week and work safe...  Later Peeps!!!!

look how much bigger Whitey is than the old truck

look how much bigger Whitey is than the old truck

Saturday night the yard stacked in

Saturday night the yard stacked in

Finished on the Federal

Finished up on the federal job...  Started it back in the first half of October strait off the Martin State job.  Worked about a week then had to pull out and jump down I69 and pick up about a week and a half job down twords Illinois..  came right back and rocked out till Saturday after thanksgiving....  The last two settings we had to switch back over to the bucket on the din din to help finish the yards out, that fricken din din is about as handy as a pocket on a shirt...   Spent Monday and Tuesday welding on loader forks and the rest of the guys doing maintenance on rolling stock...   Me and Big momma went to town to try to get Whitey tagged but no such luck!!!  Fricken license branch!!!!!!   But hopefully tomorrow it'll happen...  Gonna bust open the Martin State job tomorrow cutting and skidding and setting up the yard...  Monday me and mommy dropped shirts and hats off and they gonna turn out great....  Even got the pink shirts ordered!!!!  YEE YEE!!!! 

And good times were had by all!!!

P.S. Hard wire is the shit!!!!

been a good week

Week started out with the powerline company big bucket truck stuck over the side of the road.  Between there crew our crew, big daddy and the dozer me and the big grapple, lots of blocking up we all managed to get it yanked back out...   Half way through the day they get me to come down and lift the big ole Poplar tree off of it witch was its own debacle..  Got it lifted about 20' the first try and dropped it, you talk about some lines a whipping 1" cables they were....  Cat came in to touch up big momma's motor and fixed it..  That vid hasn't made it on yet, that was a story on its self what happened to the knuckleboom back in September..   Shirts came in and turned out fricken awesome, mommy got my Christmas present coming and its turning out fantastic, the vidja goes up on black Friday...  Finished Eli's forks and peewee touched up the paint and did the plumbing on them, turned out great..  Got a frost this morning so gonna finally be relieved of garden duty till next year gonna go pick everything today and bring it all in...  Two more weeks at crane then its back to green flag loggin VidjasWhoo Whoo!!! 

Blackey and the new Sarah's truck....

Blackey and the new Sarah's truck....

less than three weeks to go at Crane

We working on a Military base...  Caint shoot no vidja in there its Illegal to do so.  Been in some nice White Oak last week and had the famous Power line debacle last Friday..  Hopefully this week goes a bit better, got Eli's Forks done for his loader except for the plumbing...  Mommy posed to get some $ sent out to Buckin Billy Ray for my Christmas Present this year...  Gonna be fricken great, everyone be safe and have a good week gonna Get My Wednesday vidja loaded hopefully tomorrow is I can work my walmart puter...  Wanna get the loader fork vidjas started later taters