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Long time no see!!!

Hi everyone it’s been a long time no see.. 

Big daddy has spent the summer fighting lymphoma cancer.  He has it whipped we thing going in for his last treatment tomorrow..  Been a ruff summer for shore with that, my uncle Herman passing away..  had a Sawmill fire had a slow beef up for the winter, still don’t have enough inventory but we’ll be ok unless the winter is a bad one...  went to a short corse for lumber grading a couple weeks back and got a good crash course on grading...  Starting to help out in the mill some and the guys are welcoming me with open arms so far...   I intend not to let them down they need my help..  Got two of the bigger guns in the mill both with tore up shoulders from grading lumber at our speeds..  Gonna start innovating some in the lumber room got some great ideas to make life better down there..  Rain coming tonight and tomorrow could be an 1” so gonna spend some time at the mill next day or two...  the ultimizer needs some overhead work done to it and some tweaking...  rip saw doing good after the photocell repair on it last week..  did Bunyan a couple weeks ago just been jam packed!!!


Oh and last but not least there was a request for a Logger Wade vidja for the industry to use as a mechanical Logging presentation...  

I posted it on my channel  it’s called “Mechanized Logging” have a good one peeps thanks for checking in  


Whole bunch at Paul Bunyan show  

Whole bunch at Paul Bunyan show  


Met Lori Goodson from Swamp loggers  



even got to speak on live radio  

Selfie with Cotontop3  

Selfie with Cotontop3  


Hey looks good behind big daddies dozer  

Christmas Week vacation!!!

Christmas week was laid back!!

This week was laid back, started out working on Whitey..  Got the Fab work done and started on the Din din Guards.. With a little help from Stevey got it done and started on the the frame work for the hog magnet down in the pallet stock room.  Nic Tore into the buncher motor switch out project, he appears to be doing a bang up job..  Derrick worked on a little of everything..  He's was like a magician nocking out stuff right and left!!!  Tomorrow the timber tracker guys coming to shoot a vidja ought to be fun!!  Happy New Year everyone!!!


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