Final push to Christmas!!!

This Week was our final push to clean the woods out before the nasty Christmas weather came in.. 
Shop day spent working on whitey
Tuesday started out rough, was still rain and snow mix when we started, made for a nasty day.  To wet to cross the valley and had to do some shovel logging to get the wood up the hills.. Truck road was a mess had to push trucks out..
The temp dropped the night before and the ground had a little crust on it and w busted the whole job open..  The main push was on!!! day started out productive but by the end of the day I couldn't see out of one eye..  The Pink eye flat put a whoopin on me, at least PeeWee got the wood all threw on the ground...
Friday was potent, got all the wood topped and shoveled by 2:00 and finished the day out on bucket throwing the sides in for big daddy..  It was a late night but with Werner trucks helping Friday we could win the battle..
Spent the day trucking, it was ass holes and elbows...
Werners hauled 5 loads of there stuff..  We hauled 12 loads of logs..  Got two machines and the boom moved to the mill and Junkie's skidder setting on the trailer behind the Kwapper for Monday.. 
What a week!!!  thanks god for frozen ground and it started raining on our way in Friday night!!!