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Our new job!!

Started our new job this week, moved to Ky and started on a neat land owner on a nice horse farm...  Gravy logging with some big boys mixed in Looks like this week gonna be a wet one for shore so prolly be doing catch up work 


This was a farm truck that was on the job  


What a week!!!

Boy what a week this has been.. 

This week was a crazy one we started out with two rain out days. Welded on Eli's forks Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday me and momma spent most of the day changing over the stuff outa the Sara's truck into Whitey.  Peewee and the guys cut and stockpiled timber to get the pipeline loaded.  Thursday we started topping bucking and hauling.   The hill coming outa the job is bad news, we'll be lucky to make it without busting an axle.. I'll try to get a vid of the trip out sometime this week.  Friday Peewee finished the cutting on this setting, Saturday the rest of us came in and finished all the skidding and bucking..  Got over 16 loads stacked around the boom, Hoping to get everything hauled out Monday from that yard but prolly not gonna make it before the Monday night rain...  

Hoping the new hats and sweatshirts is done before this week is over... Mommy dropped of the pink shirts yesterday to the printers they gonna turn out awesome!!! 

Everyone have a good week and work safe...  Later Peeps!!!!

look how much bigger Whitey is than the old truck

look how much bigger Whitey is than the old truck

Saturday night the yard stacked in

Saturday night the yard stacked in