Finished on the Federal

Finished up on the federal job...  Started it back in the first half of October strait off the Martin State job.  Worked about a week then had to pull out and jump down I69 and pick up about a week and a half job down twords Illinois..  came right back and rocked out till Saturday after thanksgiving....  The last two settings we had to switch back over to the bucket on the din din to help finish the yards out, that fricken din din is about as handy as a pocket on a shirt...   Spent Monday and Tuesday welding on loader forks and the rest of the guys doing maintenance on rolling stock...   Me and Big momma went to town to try to get Whitey tagged but no such luck!!!  Fricken license branch!!!!!!   But hopefully tomorrow it'll happen...  Gonna bust open the Martin State job tomorrow cutting and skidding and setting up the yard...  Monday me and mommy dropped shirts and hats off and they gonna turn out great....  Even got the pink shirts ordered!!!!  YEE YEE!!!! 

And good times were had by all!!!

P.S. Hard wire is the shit!!!!